24 VDC to 12 VDC voltage converters.

These products offer a convenient way to operate mass produced 12Vdc equipment such as cell phones, in car entertainment, professional communications, telematics equipment, refridgerators, televisions etc. from the 24Vdc mobile electrical systems found on diesel engined vehicles and vessels.


There are 14 products in the range from 3A to 50A in isolated or common earth configurations. They have been optimized for high volume 24Vdc to 12Vdc applications such as on heavy goods vehicles, coaches, buses, forestry and agricultural vehicles, as well as commercial and leisure marine vehicles.


These units are IP53, so there are no ventilation holes to permit stray objects, dust or water droplets to enter the case, there are no external fuses to be tampered with. Fuses will only blow if there is a fault so there is no need to make them accessible.


Many PowerVerters and DD Series products can be configured with alternative output voltages etc. for specialist applications. Please call our sales team to discuss your requirements.


All the units consume an off load current of less than 15mA, which is probably less than the self discharge current of the vehicle’s battery. In most cases this can be ignored, speeding the installation by removing the need to fit a remote switch. All products fit onto a “Click ‘n’ Fit” mounting clip which is fixed in three points allowing it to be mounted on uneven surfaces. It is easy to fit the clip into awkward places and then simply click the unit into position. A fixing kit for din rail installation is also available. A green LED indicates when there is output from the converter. This gives reassurance to the installation engineer and speeds fault finding.

DD Series and Ddi Series

12V-12V, 24V-24V & 48V-12V converters.

The sensitivities of modern electronic equipment to variable input voltages, susceptibility to EMC interference and in some cases, the need to isolate the supply has made voltage stabilisation an important section of our product range. Start/Stop technology on motor vehicles has added to this problem. The DDi Series offers a wide range of 12V-12V and 24V-24V isolated products that ensure a stable and reliable voltage can be delivered to important equipment, even when the electrical system is under duress, such as during engine cranking. Units are available from 36-240W. The range now also offers 48V-12V units, suitable for the telecoms and forklift truck markets. For 12V-24V converters, see DD Series ‘Up’ Voltage Converters


There are three products in the 12V-12V isolator range from 36W to 108W and a further four products in the 24V-24V range from 72W to 240W. There are also three 48V-12V products from 36W to 108W. All products use modern switchmode designs and are built using the same concepts and technologies as the successful PowerVerter range, which will of course meet your 24V–12V requirements.


All the units consume an off load current of less than 15mA, which is probably less than the self discharge current of the vehicle’s battery. All the products fit onto a “Click ‘n’ fit” mounting clip which is fixed in three points allowing it to be mounted onto uneven surfaces. It is easy to fit the clip into awkward places, then simply click the unit into position. The green LED indicates when there is output from the converter. This gives reassurance to the installation engineer and speeds fault finding.

Power Supplies


The Alfatronix power supllies and converters are designed to supply electronic equipment fitted to vehicles, vessels and aircraft as well as a variety of static applications.

​Ensure good working technology

The best product or the newest technology is only as good as the power supply supplying it. With the Alfatronix products you get good quality of power supplies. This quality is ensured by using only modern rigorously tested designs, automated assembly techniques and an award winning quality manufacturing system backed up by expert engineering support.

PowerVerter & DD Series 
​IP65 ruggedised converters.

Harsh Environments

These products offer the same great electrical characteristics as our PowerVerter and DD Series, but are provided in ‘Ruggedised’ casings for use in harsh environments. Using the well known Ingress  Protection System, the product range has been tested and subjected to demanding environmental conditions and awarded a rating of IP655.

All Ruggedised PowerVerters are enclosed in a durable aluminium extrusion. The low mass Surface Mount Technology components are also less prone to damage from vibration and shock, further increasing the reliability of the units.

Innovative Technology

Utilising the same GORE-TEX® technology that is used in extreme outdoor clothing, the Ruggedised range is able to breathe freely, without compromising the water tight and dust tight seal. This free-flow of air ensures that the pressure remains equal inside and outside the unit thus allowing it to operate within a large temperature range and at varying altitudes safely.

Fast Installation

All the products fit onto a ‘Click ‘n’ Fit’  mounting clip which is fixed in three points allowing it to be mounted on uneven surfaces. It is easy to fit the clip into awkward places, then simply click the unit into position.


As well as being dust and water tight to IP65 the units are vibration resistant. They have an anti-vibration cable gland fitted into a hexagonal recess to prevent unwanted knocks from loosening it, so they can be fitted into rugged environments care-free.

Additional Features

The RU range has the same features as the standard PV & DD range, but in addtion, they also offer the following benefits:

Dust, water and impact resistant to IP655.
Breathable vent to prevent unwanted build up of pressure.
Anti-vibration cable gland.
Supplied with 1m of cable as standard.

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